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It's all about how much you let it get to you.

The definition of irony is the fact I was pondering the subject line's implications yesterday, while thinking about my participation in a message board (or lack thereof).

The television network "Speed Channel" has shifted their NASCAR coverage into high gear, and for those of us who don't give a damnhave other interests than driving around in circles, it means we're being left in the dust, so to speak. The World Rally Championship, only one of the most popular and exciting motorsports in existence, is not being shown in North America this year because Speed has decided to screw around with the negotiations. (A company called ISC is the international rights holder. Anyone who wants to show WRC has to negotiate with them.) Speed has, seemingly, long despised WRC, because it is what they consider a "niche sport", which means they can't make 87 squillion dollars on it like they can with NASCAR. Take it as you will that Speed is owned by FOX, bringer of such television classics as "Who Wants to Marry a Multi Millionaire" and other such crap. In any case, maybe I'll foam at the mouth about Speed in another post later on, 'cause that's not what this post is about.

As mentioned at the top, I have, after not only burning my bridges but blowing them up and sinking the remains deep into the water below, quit posting and participating on the Speed message boards. Unlike other people who go back and watch what's being said about them, or are determined to get in the last word regardless, I haven't been back since I said I was leaving. I have no reason to be there any more - I get my racing information from other sources which are interested in catering to me. Anyway, once or twice, I briefly considered going back to see what was going on, but after a few moments, sanity kicked in. Who cares what they're doing?, I realized. It's just not worth paying attention to. I've had that feeling about other things in my life too. Sometimes life is just too short to screw around worrying about certain things. Or, in other words, sometimes certain people or things aren't as important to you as they think they are.

But that's not the topic of this post, either. It gets us closer to the point, but there's still a bit of a journey. Bear with me.

I was talking with my father at one point during the day today. He said to me, "Have you seen the website today?" This refers to the website I run for the volunteer fire department we belong to (he as a chief, I as a firefighter/EMT). I hadn't, so I said so.

"We got hacked," he told me.

I took a look at the website and found, as he indicated, the main page showcasing our department, listing our recent responses, and giving people an indication of the work we do, was gone. In its place was a page put up by a group calling themselves the "Turkish Hackers Group". I won't bother repeating what they wrote - to describe it only gives them more publicity than they need. That might sound hypocritical, considering that I'm talking about them now, but I have a point to make, like I said.

I am a tolerant man. I don't have an interest in giving anyone an undeserved hard time. If you don't bother me, I don't bother you. And I don't really care what people do, so long as it doesn't affect me. For example, all this noise about "same sex marriage"? Doesn't bother me a bit, so long as it doesn't invade on my privacy/personal life. People want to protest and strike and lobby about junk? Go ahead, just don't make things difficult for me. Et cetera.

How about protesting the blasphemy of your religion?

Before I continue, I should mention that if you have to label me, I am an atheist. I have no opinions on religion at all. I will respect others' beliefs; I accept that there are people who believe in a Supreme Being, and so on.

Having said that, and keeping in mind that I consider myself tolerant and neutral, I sympathize with the people whose beliefs have been trampled on. Do I think that the cartoons that were drawn, and the implications about Muslims and Islam being inherently violent (which are two vastly different things), are/were wrong to do? Absolutely. I don't condone that kind of thing. I don't believe for a second that any one religion is under the impression that violence and extermination of others is the right answer. I don't think anyone has been in that mindset since, oh, let's say 1945. Do I believe that the actions of one, or even some, for example... I don't know, how about crashing planes into buildings and killing thousands of innocents.. I don't believe that's representative of an entire religion, people, or even family.

So why is it okay for the Turkish Hackers Group to break into my personal property - my web site - and post a diatribe on how "I" have given Turks a hard time and blamed Muslims for 9/11 and everything else, and threatened to "strike with all (our) might" if "I" continue my evil ways?

This is the actual epitome of irony. The Turkish Hackers Group hijacked my web site and accused me of being part and parcel of the group lumping Muslims into one "bad" society. So that's okay then? 'Cause it seems pretty fucking hypocritical to me.

As I said, I do respect and understand the outrage at the mistreatment of Muslims and Islam, in all forms - hate crimes, persecution, making fun of in cartoons. But is it worth burning down entire cities for? Threatening to 'exterminate' all Danes? Hijacking websites of innocents and ruining their hard work?

I admit that I can't reasonably appreciate the way Muslims feel right now with these insults. However, getting back to the topic of the subject line.. wouldn't it be better to just let it go? I appreciate that's a bold statement to make when you're not getting branded as terrorists as a whole. However.. when does it get to be too much? How is it okay to demand the complete elimination of a people for the put-down one person (a newspaper cartoonist) made, poking fun at the implication that your kind is violent in nature?

Is it too rude to say "Get over it"?

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